Bladder inflammation examination

Do you think you have a bladder infection? And are you a patient in our practice? You can hand in urine (pee) to the assistant. This is possible without an appointment.
Fill in the form on the right and hand in your urine at the desk of the practice.
If you do this before 12:00, you can call the same day after 13:00 for the results of the examination.
It is important that the urine is 'fresh', i.e. less than 2 hours old. Do you feel very sick or do you have a fever? Always pass this on to the assistant, you may have to come to the doctor's office hours.

Are you unable to deliver the urine in the morning? Then discuss with the assistant what you can do best.

Instruction for 'washed pee'
  1. Wash the pubic area well with water.
    - women spread the labia
    - men withdrawing the foreskin
  2. First urinate a little urine, then collect the middle pee in a clean container. Then urinate in the toilet.
  3. Bring the container with 'washed pee' within 2 hours to the practice or keep it in the refrigerator until you bring it.

Bladder inflammation form

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