At Huisartsen Vrijheidslaan you can make an appointment either by phone or through our web agenda.

To make an appointment by phone

To make an appointment by phone, please call 020 662 7967 (choose option 3) from Monday through Friday 08:00 until 17:00.

When calling, the assistant will ask you a series of questions. Our assistants are trained to estimate the nature and urgency of your complaints or questions. The assistant might be able to directly answer some of your questions. To provide you with an answer to your other questions, the assistant will either make sure the general practitioner returns your call or plan a consult for you. Like the general practitioner the assistant is obliged to handle your situation confidentially.

To make an appointment through the web agenda - NOTICE: option cancelled during Corona crisis

If registered at our practice, you are able to use our web agenda. To do so, click the icon “web agenda” on our homepage.

You are not required to make an appointment for walk-in consultations (every office day from 08:00 until 08:30). NOTICE: option cancelled during Corona crisis

If you are registered at our practice and you have an account, you can also use our E-consult. Simply click the icon “E-consult” on our homepage. An E-consult can be started at any given time.

You are required to make an appointment for all other consultation hours.